andddd this is the final update of nirvash before Pax East this Saturday.

I want to apologize to Ticcy for not making the green faceguard or finishing the dark grey chest spot below the point of the poncho type thing. I ran out of material to make it, but I will be adding the grey circle tomorrow.

When I go to pax I will have white face paint on so everything blends.

There are spikes on my back but I misjudged the distance of them and the holes I created on the back of the poncho so one of them kinda flops too the side cause there aint enough room for it to stand up straight.

The headband is off center cause I tried sewing it to the wig but alas, the string broke and I had to hold it up for pictures, Ill be fixing that tomorrow.

Welp here it is everyone, sorry for the wait.

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    No prob at all!! It looks so awesome like this!!!!! :°DDDDD good job, my dear, good job :° (and I saw one of your Eureka...
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    Nirvash update for everyone~ 2 days till I show it off, believe it or not!
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